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About the club

The Club:

BillionaireMe Member’s Club is the most exclusive and luxurious private club on the Blockchain. We are a thriving community of 10,000 ultra-wealthy individuals: the elite 1% of the Metaverse.


Our society brings together ultra high net-worth individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and jet-set locations worldwide who are united by two things: our drive to succeed and our determination to enjoy the best things in life.

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Collection Preview

Collection preview:

Why BillionaireMe

What we bring to the table

Only a piece of art... surely NOT

Your BillionaireMe NFT is your unique piece of hand-drawn art stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain hosted on IPFS, 100% exclusive to yourself…

... but also


Your dividend-paying share package of the BillionaireMe Corporation stock

The company that created the NFT and is launching the BIME cryptocurrency.

Image by Al Elmes

Your membership to the BillionaireMe Private Member's Club

The #1 most exclusive private Member's Club on the Blockchain

Your personal check of 1Billion BIMEs

1Billion BIMEs will be transferred to every Member's wallet upon ICO. 

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The Billionaire avatar of yourself for the Metaverse

The BillionaireMe NFT has been developed to serve as your avatar for the Metaverse. 

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Your portfolio of real estate assets

We are launching an investment portfolio of real estate assets that generates monthly cash flows for our members

Image by Tristan Gassert

Access to the most exclusive events and venues worldwide

Our monthly events take place in some of the most exclusive venues worldwide such as  Annabel's Mayfair or the Monte-Carlo Yatch Club

Your source of  monthly passive income

Through stock dividends  coming from royalties, real estate cashflows and proceeds from the BIME crypto. Billionaire level means making money while you sleep

Image by Marvin Meyer

Access to the elite circles and support from mentors

Gain access to new elite connections, networking and mentorship opportunities through your personal invitation to our exclusive events worldwide.

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20% Sales

Giveaway of 10 pairs of Dior sneakers for our Members


30% Sales

Launch of our Member's Only Event Programme in 30 jet-set destinations worldwide

Image by Christian Wiediger
Image by Christian Wiediger

50% Sales

Giveaway of 5 Rolex Watches for our Members

Image by Al Elmes

60% Sales

Launch of our real estate portfolio with monthly cash flows for our Members

70% Sales

Distribution of BillionaireMe Corporation shares among all members

Image by Jeremy Bezanger

80% Sales

Launch of the BillionaireMe Member's Club Metaverse project

Image by Minh Pham
Image by Brandon Atchison

90% Sales

First giveaway of a Lamborghini for our Members

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

100% Sales

Launch of the BIME cryptocurrency and transfer of 1Billion BIMEs to every Member's wallet

Our Tea
About the founders

Our team:


- MAX -

Our Billionaire CEO

Our liaison between the BillionaireMe Community and the high-society elites. Responsible for our exclusive world-class events and lifestyle partners.

Our liaison between the BillionaireMe Community and the high-society elites. Responsible for our exclusive world-class events and lifestyle partners.



Our Real Estate Tycoon

Our real estate expert and property manager. In charge of our rental cash flow dividend programme.



Our Tech Expert

Our Blockchain and Cryptocurrency expert. In charge of the technical aspects of the project and Crypto ICO.

Hello fellow ballers... We are two billionaire long-time friends ;) Hence, you can imagine our focus is definitely not the profits and hype behind NFTs, but rather using this digital revolutionary tool to build a strong community of successful individuals with elevated mindsets and a hunger to thrive. And make it the first one that leaves a legacy and lasts over generations on the Blockchain and the Metaverse. 


We want people in our Member's Club whose aim is to have the total freedom of choosing where and how they spend their time every day while enjoying the thrill of experiencing the finest things in life. Whether you have gotten there yet or are still working for it does not matter. It is the mindset and the shared goals, aspirations and interests what we are looking for in our Members. 


Only by being here reading this right now, we can tell that you are not an average Joe, so we would first like to congratulate you on that! Second, we would like you to take our savvy hand and introduce you to what the billionaire life looks and feels like. Follow us on your best decision yet towards your billionaire, happy self. Your BillionaireMe family is here to guide you, and we know you will make the right decision…


The secret about the founders...

Image by Danilo Capece

Join the Club:

Spots on the BillionaireMe Whitelist are very limited and highly coveted. Get in now or regret it later...

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